What Does “State of the Art” Auto Body Work Really Mean

/What Does “State of the Art” Auto Body Work Really Mean

State of the Art Body Shop

State of the art equipment is  paramount in providing excellent results and achieving customer satisfaction in all areas of repair.  On mechanical services, engine diagnostics, air conditioning refresh, and auto body repair are all reliant on the expertise of our technicians and the equipment used.

One of the most significant damages that can occur in a collision might result in frame damage.  A vehicle’s frame can withstand a fair amount of damage but cause structural issues if not found or evaluated properly can lead to additional damage to the automobile.  Frame damage can cause a lot of issues with tracking, alignment, strain on the supports, and of course is a dangerous situation to allow to continue.  Some frame damage basically makes the vehicle undriveable.

If your vehicle has suffered frame damage in a collision, how would you know?  You wouldn’t unless you have a professionally trained Body shop evaluate your car or truck.  The State of the Art frame straightening machine and reorganize the vehicle frame to the exact specifications required.  Expert technicians will provide you with their excellent knowledge and success rate with these repair methods.


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