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Custom SEO Campaigns to Take Your Website to the Top & Drive More Traffic

Gain visibility, get more leads and stay on top of the trends.

Let’s accept the fact – your business may not either have the idea or the power to define, develop, implement and manage search engine optimisation. If you are looking for support in a reliable SEO company in USA, Lead Choice Marketing offers comprehensive campaigns catering to your needs and budget.


We are one of the SEO marketing experts in USA helping clients to drive dynamic traffic results to their business websites with the right kind of SEO strategy. Our team has hands on experience in putting into practice professional SEO solutions for small and large businesses, and maximizing their search ranking and revenue with the following options:

Organic search or natural search engine optimization are the un-paid listings of Web pages showing on the SERP that most perfectly match the online user’s search phrase and look to be highly relevant. Our SEO marketing specialists use various organic search tactics and practices such as targeting the right keywords, creating quality backlinks etc for building organic search engine rankings for your website.

The most favorable SEO tactic is to use the highly effective anchor text in the link text to create quality link backs to your business website that will add to the worth and the authority of your site. From article submission and blog submission to local business listing and press release submission, our team assures to use every effective mean to create link backs that will help your website get positioned the best in the SERPs.

On-page SEO covers all the crucial factors on your website that can be optimized best for high ranking of your business. Our SEO team focuses on all on-page factors including technical excellence – the cleanliness of your code – keyword oriented visual and textual content and navigational ease of your site.

Perhaps the main aspect of successful Search Engine Optimization is keyword research and analysis. Almost everything starting from title tags and page content to directory structure and filenames should be built around keywords. Our team knows how to properly research keywords and select a list of both long term and short term keywords specific to your business to make way for a successful SEO campaign.

After running a full-fledged SEO campaign, you have the right to know about your website performance at a regular interval. We will deliver you a weekly as well as monthly activity report to show you all the activity carried out on our part to bring a positive change in your keyword ranking position and website performance online.


Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO as it is commonly called is the technique to build a commanding presence on the web following some defined search engine guidelines. In today’s competitive digital environment SEO is the key to garnering greater visibility and more customer reach. In strictly technical terms it is the process of getting your website rank on top of the results in search engines like Google, Bing and more.

At Lead Choice Marketing, we depend on all ethical resources and practices to make certain that your site is perfectly optimized for various search engines and shows at top slot for targeted keyword search

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What drives your website great results

When SEO gets closely integrated with SMO (social media marketing), there is great chance of traffic driving to your website through search engines with high ranking results. Following the option of both on-page and off page optimisation, Lead Choice Marketing will engage in social media optimisation and digital marketing to boost further website ranking results and increase the prospect of driving in more traffic for conversion.

Page Optimisation

Our web page optimisation includes all those measures that would make your website search engine friendly and enhance its search ranking position. We take innovative measures to optimize the page URL, content, meta description, title tags, linking structure and more that would improve the page loading time and performance.

Internal Site Audit

Our internal site audit involves a thorough evaluation of your site to find out errors in file structure, technical incompliance, and changes to be made in certain pages. Without expert internal site audit, your website may drop in its ranking position spoiling your expectation for quick conversion.

Best Keyword Ranking

When your site achieves top ranking in search engines for one or more popularly searched keywords, it is expected to be clicked more often, resulting in a positive impact on your traffic and conversions. Our team uses an extensive list of relevant and personalized keywords in search engine optimisation that would help your site acquire the best ranking on SERP.

Better Conversion

The effectiveness of our SEO campaign shows in the better rate of traffic generation that converts most of the time. To target all the traffic sources online that would result in better conversion for your business, you should consult with our SEO experts.

Our Satisfied Customers

“Lead Choice Marketing has been simply amazing in getting our business a good presence on the web. Thanks to their efficient SEO services, we have seen a huge boost in sales. Thanks guys!”

Kiera Riley

2 Major Types of Search Engine Optimisation

There are 2 major kinds of search engine optimisation processes: on-page optimisation and off page optimisation which our SEO experts combine in a custom strategy to help your website grow in search engine visibility and ranking.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO points to how compatible your website’s on-page elements are with the search engines. URL optimisation, content optimisation, HTML code validation and more come under this SEO process that would quickly improve your website’s ranking result for a set of keywords actually searched by users.

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Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO points to your website’s presence on the Internet, which is decided by how many quality websites link to your site. Article posting, guest blog posting, classified ads posting, link building, bookmarking and social media marketing are part of this SEO process which will slowly shoot your site to the top slot in SERP and continue for a lasting impact.

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  • Strategy Development
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Review site traffic statistics


  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Internal and external linking strategy
  • Submit pages to target engines


  • Search Engine Monitoring
  • Post-Optimization report
  • Analysis of progress and consultation

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