Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaign for Auto Body Shops

/Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaign for Auto Body Shops

We are beginning to see auto body shops move in that direction. The Internet is very powerful place to market an auto repair shop. There are a number of different tools an auto shop can use to market online: search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, affiliate marketing, mobile marketing, video marketing, and other methods. The method that is highly effective with a quick turn-around, is Search Engine Marketing (also known as “pay per click advertising”).

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is simple:  business puts has advertisement automatically appear on a search engine that’s triggered by specified keywords that the business is relevant to. The business then pays the search engine a bid price if the advertisement is clicked. Which will then bring the web user to the website of the advertiser. So if a prospective consumer clicks on your ad and lands onto your website, then you must pay for that click, even if the user clicks away did not read or purchase from the site. The most significant PPC advertising platform online at the moment, is Google AdWords. With Google Adwords in particular, your advertisement will run when people type in certain key words or phrases into the Google search engine. It is then up to the user to click on your advertisement. This means that hundreds of people could see your advertisement, but if nobody clicks on it, then you do not have to pay. Other Pay Per Click advertising allows your advertisement to run under certain criteria. For example, on eBay you can have your advertisement run on the “automotive” section when someone searches for auto parts. Bing is another search engine that has a PPC campaign.

Setting up an account

In order to start running PPC advertisement on Bing or Google is remarkably easy. They make it so that you sign up by following their simple instructions, and then when you get to the marketing campaign section you find that it is a exceptionally easy and intuitive interface. Google for example, gives you the simplest and automated options first, and then if you want to get a little more advanced, you can click to expand the menus. So you can create a quick PPC advertisement using the basic settings, or you can expand the menus and set costs per bids, locations and times the advertisement should run etc. Paying for clicks is straightforward. If you want your advertisement to run every time somebody types in a keyword such as “auto body shop,” then you can agree to pay $1.00 every time somebody clicks on your advertisement. You can then set a budget, such as $50 per day. That way your advertisement will run hundreds, maybe thousands of times that day, but if it is clicked on fifty times then your budget for the day is reached and your advertisement will not run for the rest of the day.

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