How to Blend Digital into Your Collision Repair Marketing?

/How to Blend Digital into Your Collision Repair Marketing?

Collision repair shop has already stepped into the 21st century of marketing, We’re you have a website, but your business is still not seeing a lot of traction. There have been a lot of technology changes since websites were the norm, and they alone just can’t cut it anymore.

Having the right tools is great if you are using them correctly, but if not you could have some issues. Here’s are some tips to help you blend your approach to ensure you’re staying current in the way that you reach your target audience.

Your website traffic

It’s great to have a website, but how and where are people getting there? One of the biggest things in marketing is identifying your target audience. Most people that are looking for a collision repair specialist are not going to find your website by accident, some things that will help you reach that target audience are easy access to a mobile friendly site, contact information pages, and focused keywords.

Google analytics is one great resource that tracks real time data to show you what is working and what makes a customer walk away. Tracking this data on a weekly bases can give you insights on how to improve your user experience and in turn, can greatly improve your organic ranking.

You can utilize the traditional marketing efforts that you’re using currently to also direct traffic to your website. Here’s a great example! Do you have newspaper ads for Air Bag Repair? Include your URL link where they can get more info regarding your regular specials!


Fix what’s broken

When it comes to optimization, “content is king”! Where it’s natural, you should also include your city and state and the surrounding cities and/or counties in your content, to let both visitors and search engines know where you are.  It doesn’t make sense to rank for the generic “auto body” or inaccurate “body shop new york.”

You’ll also want to get the most out of your Contact page, which for a local business is often the second most important page on your site, after your home page. Be sure you include:

  • The name of your company or business
  • The address where your business is located
  • Your primary phone number
  • A geo sitemap embedded so search engines can access it more easily
  • If at all possible, use your physical address rather than a P.O. Box., so that Google will be able to list your actual location in their various business tools.
  • Don’t forget to create pages with testimonials, reviews, ratings and customer stories and FAQ’s.
  • Information about your staff is also useful, both for your customers and for the search engines.
  • The more content you are able to add, the better – provided that all of it offers valuable advice, information, or entertainment value to the web audience.

Building up your content

Once you have a good head start with your website’s structure and navigation, it’s important to focus on the momentum that you have by building the content of your website. Focusing on new content in an area that you are seeing good keyword traction can help you get more organic searches and rank higher on Google. In developing your content, you are establishing your foundation for a strong auto body promotional plan.

This will in turn will help your business. Promote your new content by selecting the places where your audience normally is active. Try video “how to’s”, link building, and blogging to ramp up your efforts. By giving your customers helpful education,you are encouraging them to learn more, but also giving them more reasons to come back to you and use your services for their next collision repair. You will, over time, build their trust and become a local authority they can connect with in their time of need.

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